French Revolutionary &
Napoleonic Wars Historian

Marcus de la Poer Beresford

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. Here you’ll find an overview of my 18th & 19th century research interests as well as a varied selection of historical blog musings. My primary area of expertise lies in the French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars, with particular attention devoted to the involvement of Irishmen in those campaigns.  Send me an email or let’s connect on social media if you’re interested in learning more, exchanging ideas, or arranging a lecture.

Author’s Bio: Marcus de la Poer Beresford read history at Trinity College Dublin (M.Litt) before qualifying as a lawyer. After retiring from legal practice in 2010, he returned to his first love, history. His earlier research and postgraduate thesis focused on Ireland in the eighteenth century, and the Irish diaspora in Europe. Marcus is a distant relative of Marshal William Carr Beresford who married Louisa de la Poer Beresford, the sister of his great-great-grandfather.

Published Articles:  Francois Thurot and the French attack at Carrickfergus, 1759-60, The Irish Sword, X (41),255-74. Ireland in French Strategy during the American War of Independence, 1776-83, The Irish Sword, XII (49), 285-97 and XIII (50), 20-29. William Carr Beresford and the capture of the Cape Colony and the expedition to the River Plate 1805-1806, The Irish Sword XXIX (P. 240 – 262). Francois Thurot, the Irish connection, Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society, LXXVIII (1973),143-50. ‘The Peninsular romance of Lieutenant Waldron Kelly and Ana Ludovina de Aguilar’ in The Irish Sword, Vol.XXXII (2020) No 129. Marshal William Carr Beresford and the return to Portugal of the Portuguese royal family, 1814-1830, Revista de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses, REAP N.º 29 (2020), pp 67-87.

Member: Irish Military History Society, British Military History Commission, The Society for Army Historical Research (SAHR), Trustee of the British Cemetery Elvas (Chairman), Friends of the Lines of Torres Vedras, Waterford Historical Society, Connaught Rangers Association.

Published Books: Marshal William Carr Beresford ‘the ablest man I have yet seen with the army’ (Irish Academic Press).  Peninsular and Waterloo General; Sir Denis Pack and the war against Napoleon (Pen & Sword).

Works in Progress: ‘The Mysterious Story of Marshal Viscount Beresford’s Silver’.

I knew they were a crack regiment and esteemed them for their remarkable bravery at all times’ – A detailed history of the Connaught Rangers (88th regiment) 1793-1815.

Radio & TV Appearances: 
Newstalk ‘Talking History’ with Patrick Geoghegan, Today FM ‘The Last Word’ with Matt Cooper and BBC 4’s ‘Billion Dollar Art Theft’ with John Wilson

Art & Architecture: The Alfred Beit Foundation (1999-2014), The Apollo Foundation (2002-), The Irish Architectural Archive (2018-).